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Appraisal References

    Clearly, American Home Appraisals is the Best!

    "I would definitely give him a good recommendation!"

    Randy Grimm, AVP, Washington Mutual before it became "WAMU"

    "Richard Hagar is the best expert witness I've ever had on the stand. He knows real estate better than anyone else I know."

    Duncan Turner, Managing Partner, Madgley Mullins Law Group

    "Congratulation! You (Richard Hagar) ranked high in our criteria ratings!"

    Kathryn Gearheard, VP, First Interstate Bank

    "American Home Appraisals is the best company I've ever dealt with. Their experience and quality appraisals have solved many problems for us."

    Ron Bennett, Sr. Loan Officer

    "I personally have always had Richard on my 'approved appraiser' list. I heartily recommend Richard Hagar!"

    Carol Ann Shultz, Owner, Excel Mortgage

    "Thank you for your dedication to service and quality. Of the 8,237 (nationwide) appraisers, you are rated in the top 3%! You are one of the select few who hold this distinguished designation. Our personnel contact you first when an assignment appears."

    John Noonan, Appraiser Department Manager, PHH Mortgage

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