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Client Information Form For Washington

Real Estate Appraisal - American Home Appraisals

Mortgage Brokers and Loan Originators
Must Be Licensed
If You Want to Work In Washington

As of 1-1-2007, all individuals that place themselves before the public as being able to obtain a loan or mortgage for a consumer, must be individually licensed (Exemptions exist for banks and lenders)

FNMA requires the names of the mortgage broker and loan originator be included in all appraisal reports (Form 2055 and 1004)

  • The Ethics Provision of The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (appraisal rules), E&O insurance, together with various state and federal laws, prohibit appraisers from delivering an appraisal to an unlicensed person (if a license is required).

  • Federal and State law require appraisers to retain the names and contact information for every client.

  • We ask that the "client information form" be completed as part of the appraisal order.

    Download client information form here: Client Information Form

    Information from Washington's Department of Financial Institutions can be viewed here:
    General Information - click here
    Washington's Broker licensing rules - click here

    Mortgage Brokers and Loan Originators, must also retain a list of companies that provide them with services (Third-Party Service Providers). That list must be delivered to the State of Washington, once a year.

    Appraisers, lenders and clients, you have our permission to download the attached form and modify it for your company use.

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